Grand Canyon Rim To Rim To Rim Adventure Our Great Grand Canyon Rim To Rim To Rim Adventure

Our Adventure Begins.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

As of writing this post I have about 48 hours until our Grand Canyon Rim to Rim To Rim adventure begins.  I have a special mixture of nervous energy and excitement brewing inside of me.  Having run

My Secret Weapon For The Grand Canyon Challenge

Todays Goals:
5 days to go.
Continue to watch weather.
Organize food
Check equipment list
Review schedule

Tire Pulling:  My Trail Running Secret Weapon!

Strength Conditioning Summary for R3 Adventure

As of the posting of this blog post I have five days to go.  Although I wrote this with Ten days to go.

My Grand Canyon R3 Training Summary

To be clear with everyone, I’m a 55 year old male athlete who lives for challenges.  So the challenge of a double crossing of the Grand Canyon was right up my alley.  I’ve done crazy stuff like thi