My Rim To Rim To Rim Grand Canyon Adventure

Over the next week or so I will be sharing with everyone a summary of a “Bucket List” accomplishment in my life.  A double crossing of the Grand Canyon.  What ultra runners call a R2R2R or R3.  Wha

How Do You Look at Life?

What is Your Big Question?

My Best Friend

I’m sitting here on Father’s Day 2014 and doing a lot of reflecting.  A thought came to me after listening to a wonderful song by a young singer, Abby Anderson.  First was that of sadness because I

Great Experiences

“Great Experiences.” As I’ve reached the second half of my life, a thought has crossed my mind. Is it now about collecting “Great Experiences” or more stuff?!


Have you ever had a day where you did a lot of reflecting. Maybe evaluating or asking if you are even able to influence others; even just your family and friends?