Release It!

“Release it!” What is it in your life that you need to Release? Is there something physically, mentally or emotionally that needs to be released? Why Release? You may ask.

Soar Above It

How do you respond when you’re tested? Actually some make the mistake of reacting, instead of taking a measured response. It seems that when I react too quickly I make mistakes.

Create Momentum

“Create Momentum.” Have you ever felt like your life lacked energy? You just couldn’t get things moving. You were stuck! So, what do you do?


Do you have impact? In whatever you do are you making the kind of impact that inspires you and others? You know a lot is said about having good self-esteem.

Total Recovery Arizona High Performance Tip of the Day

“Wisdom.” I don’t know anyone who couldn’t benefit from having more “Wisdom.” It seems we are constantly wishing we had known better when something didn’t work out the way we had ant