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What We Do

How Arnie Defines Strategic Coaching
I believe Coaching is the act of sitting down with someone to understand and find out everything that they are interested in.  Everything that they're aligned with, their passions, and goals.  Their relationships.  Their ambitions.  Their Dreams.  Their current situation.  Their achievements and the key people in their lives. Learning about different areas of their lives. The history of their life and doing my best to understand all of it.  Then really trying to get to the bottom of what you really care about and what you want to focus on. Then supporting you every step of the way as I structure a way for you to get what you want in life!  Without diagnosing and judging you!

I am committed to encouraging, energizing and elevating  individuals.  This is done by providing the tools and strategies that will give you the edge to create a life of fulfillment..

Through my coaching sessions and resources, I help individuals create new strategies and mindsets to navigate life, thereby creating a more meaningful life for themselves, their families, and all those whom they have influence.

Hands of Hope Coaching
We believe that all individuals have a desire to achieve something great in their lives.  Hands of Hope Coaching was developed with that that thought in mind.  Our programs will:

Did you know that words can change your Bio-Chemistry?  Encouraging is one of the easiest ways to earn trust, build rapport and gain confidence of others.  The first level of our program will be spent learning as much as possible about the client.  To ENCOURAGE them to dream big.  To feel comfortable enough to share with the coach, any aspect of their life that allows the coach to guide them to develop strategies that will help them achieve big things in their life.  Encouragement is best to create this type of healthy environment that will allow the individual to feel free to soar.  To be Fearless as they create a life of passion and fulfillment.

Physically, and Nutritionally.  We believe that your level of physical energy gives you an edge.  Without focusing on our body, this is not possible.  Having peak health will give us the energy to set and achieve big goals.  I believe having great energy is the difference maker of someone who achieves success and has great charisma.  I’m always amazed how individuals have set challenging financial and relationship goals, but neglect the most important thing.  Their health!  They find how little energy they have to pursue those goals.  In reality without our health it’s impossible to have the energy to go after what you want most in life.

It’s really all about Growth and Contribution.  When we are growing we are alive with purpose, drive and determination.  It’s a lot easier to have a passion for life when we are contributing beyond ourselves.  I strongly believe that giving is the key to getting in life.  That’s why the final step of our program focuses on not only Elevating us, but taking others on the journey.  The client is able to create a life of passion and magic by giving beyond themselves.  Learning to love others unconditionally and meeting their needs is the result of constant growth and contribution.  You will Soar like and eagle as you continue to love and contribute at a high level.

Coaching Programs

The Manhood Connection
Arnie's great passion is developing young men.  As a man who struggled with his relationship with his Dad and with being a Dad, Arnie was driven to develope strategies that not only helped himself to be a better man, but for young men who desired to discover the Man God intended them to be and into a husband and father that allows them to honor their Manhood.  Our society is despartely seeking authentic men who aren't afraid to step up and fight a great battle, save the princess from the castle and are confidant enough to love unconditionlly.  Arnie will dig deep into your soul and help you restore your true self and become an "Authentic Man."

Make the Second Half of Your Life, The Best Half
Arnie began working with older adults almost 30 years ago.  As someone who did some of the original research in the field of Active Aging, in the area of strength and exercise.  He is one of the experts in helping individuals develop strategies that will help them play the second half of the game of life at a high level.  Arnie believes anyone can overcome most age related physical, mental and emotional problems by developing the right plan for them.  You too can soar in your second half!

Fearless Aging!
I believe that age is just a number.  By developing the right mindset anyone can create a life of fulfillment.  We don’t want you to Fear the aging process.  We believe in Fearless Aging!  We want to embrace the aging process with Passion and Excitement!  We will help you develop strategies and the mindset that will enable you to be Fearless during this exciting stage of your life!

Find Your Soulmate
We are all so busy today.  So when it comes to one of the most important decisions in our lives, like finding that special person to spend the rest of your life with.  We leave it to chance!  Doesn’t quite make sense, does it?  Arnie has developed a simple program that over a very short amount of time will have you begin to attract the person you’ve always wanted into your life.  Leaving Love to chance may make a good movie, but in real life we believe your personal intimate relationships are the key to a fulfilling life.  Create your plan and watch magic happen in your life!

Create Amazing Health and Energy
Today everyone seems to be chasing that magical formula that will give them vibrant health and energy.  For most, it's as if we were the dog chasing his own tail.  Just going round and round without much progress.  In Arnie's Coaching program on health and energy, Arnie reveals the secret to having an abundance of energy, along with creating peak health.  Arnie truly believes that you can't have one without the other.  Once we learn the secret to great health, energy flows into your life.  Arnie helps you learn to disrupt distructive patterns in your life and become a designer of patterns of fulfillment.  His program delivers the kind of health and energy we deserve.

How to Make Sense of a Traumatic  Injury and Stroke

Be Super Fit and Play Life Full Out!
It seems that we all want to have the body and the fitness level of our dreams, but with our crazy busy lives we just cant't seem to figure out how to make it happen!  Arnie has developed has developed those strategies to help you balance your life in a way that allows you to not only get Amazingly Fit but also allows you Live an Amazing Life!  Isn't that what we all really want from life?  Arnie beleives that when we achieve peak health that performance in our lives are limitless!  Let Arnie help you develop a plan that will take your life to the Peak of health and performance.  The kind of health and fitness that will truly allow you to Play Life Full out!

Because I'll do whatevr it takes to help you get what you want.  I'll hold your hand throughout the process of learning the skills necessary for you to succeed and get what you desire.  Eventually getting the RESULT you want in life.


A Fitness Experience DVD

Fitness DVDThe use of this DVD could PREVENT FALLS and significantly Improve Your BALANCE!
This 48 minute program is packed with exercises that ANYONE can do and when done regularly, will change your life!

"A Fitness Experience" is a strength building program designed for the mature adult. The program is created by Arnie Fonseca, MS, CSCS who is a Certified Exercise Physiologist specializing in Senior Adult Fitness.. He received his graduate degree at the Arizona State University.  With the large retirement population in Arizona, Arnie became aware of the lack of strength programs geared to these individuals and others who may have some physical limitations. "A Fitness Experience" DVD is a good place to start in getting fit. Please consult your physician before starting any exercise program. The program is divided into 8 sections which can be easily found on the DVD. The sections include warm-up, legs /hips, back/shoulders, arms, abdominals, grip, balance and relaxation. Introduction and closing will provide valuable fitness and wellness information for your own personal knowledge.