11 Reasons People in Arizona Tell Everyone They Know About Arnie Fonseca, Jr

Arnie Fonseca, Jr.  Exercise and Wellness Expert.  Hands of Hope Coaching and Speaking.  Total Recovery Arizona

Here are 11 great reasons why residents of Arizona Love referring the people they care about to Hands of Hope Coaching/Speaking and Arnie Fonseca, Jr for their Events and Life Challenges!

1.  Arnie brings a level of experience and expertise developed over the past 35 years; as well as an unprecedented level of integrity.

2.  Arnie believes that Energy is the difference.  With that in mind he brings incredible Energy for any event and coaching session.  He is the difference!

3.  Arnie is an Expert in Exercise and Wellness, with a MS in Exercise Science and Exercise from ASU, he brings a special expertise to any event and coaching session.  Arnie brings tremendous knowledge and excitement to every event.  He will constantly under promise and over deliver, which sets him apart from the rest.

4.  The Hands of Hope Coaching and Speaking is about you overcoming your challenges and creating great take away for your event!

5.  Arnie will show you simple, unique stategies that you can use to Energize your life and will bring a high level of excitement and Energy to your event!

6.  You and your group will constantly be Encouraged to be your best.

7.  The Hands of Hope Coaching and Speaking are about Elevating you and your event to the next, best level.  Get your life to stand out and your event to take off!

8.  Arnie is about challenging the status quo and getting you to think differently.  The bottom line is; he gets Results!

9.  Arnie will help you clarify your direction, become your own expert, maximize your environment, create a plan for you and finally become the master of your psychology.  His program will literally provide a "blanket of support" for you!

10. Arnie is relentless about finding and creating new strategies to help you and your group overcome any challenge!

11. Arnie believes in you.  He will do what’s necessary to build your trust and create a relationship with you based on hard work and results!


Arnie Fonseca, Jr and Hands Hope Coaching and Speaking are about providing all individuals the opportunity to become outstanding in what they do.  We believe that you can Soar to amazing heights if given the right tools, strategies and support.  We will guide you every step of the way.  For more information go to www.totalrecoveryarizona.com and www.faceboook.com/arnie.fonsecajr