7 Questions You should Ask Any Life Coach Before Becoming A Client.

Life Coaching is about great relationships, results and achieving what you desire most in life.

You obviously want the best results possible from the Coach you choose, so it’s critical that you ask 7 questions of any Life Coach before becoming a client.  Arnie Fonseca, Jr has set up Hands of Hope Coaching so that the highest standards are set and kept! Arnie believes that that all individuals have a desire to achieve something great in their lives and just may need someone to believe in them and  guide them in a loving supportive way!


1.  What will we do next, after I achieve my goal?

2.  How long have you been coaching and can you describe your own personal growth program?

3.  When I have an injury, I believe in doing whatever’s possible to achieve total recovery; is that what you believe?

4.  How do you define success in your program?

5. What is your definition of Life Coaching?

6.  What is your plan?  What will I do first?

7.  Can you list the top three benefits of working with your program?

Let us always remember that surrounding yourself with the types of individuals that add value to you, that stretch you, share your enthusiasm and accept you for who you are unconditionally will always help to create the best environment for your success.  Lastly never forget that the quality of your life is equal to the quality of your relationships.  Get more great information at www.totalrecoveryarizona.com and www.facebook.com/arnie.fonsecajr