Become Your Own Mirror

I was out for a long run recently and as usual many thoughts were racing through my mind.  This is my time to spend in reflection.  I was reflecting how years ago when I had owned a rehabilitatin facility and had many clients who were struggling with very serious physical issues.  I would think to myself, If they could speak to their younger yourself, what would they say?  Have your ever wondered yourself, depending of course on your age, what a 90 year old you would say to you today?  If you became your own mirror and could reflect back to you, that the choices you made as far as what you ate, how and if you exercised.  How you treated others and most importantly, how you treated you!  Would this make a difference in how you lived?  I have studied and been around 90 year olds for over 30 years. They are a very specail group of people, because they have overcome so much, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Most, just think they were lucky!  I believe it's more than good genetics.  I believe it's good choices combined with those genetics!  My thought for all of us not yet 90 is this, when doing things today, just take some time and ask yourself, is what I'm doing something my 90 year old self would approve of?  Because if you are lucky enough to reach 90, will you be able to look back and reflect on all the good choices you made or just say you were lucky!  I guess the choice is yours.