Catch Them Doing Good

Most of us think we can change others, such as friends, family or our intimate partner to behave in a way that works for us.  The fact is we can’t!  Trying to change others creates a massive amount of stress in our lives.  It will wear you out!  Stop it!  Focus on changing yourself.  I believe that when we treat others the way they want to be treated, everything changes.  Besides our family, who we a stuck with, if we can learn some simple strategies be better relate to those around us, our lives can radically change for the better.  I want to encourge you to first look at yourself and be what you want to see in others.  Next, if you will look for ways to catch your partner or others doing what you expect, compliment them, encourage that behavior, make them feel special.  It’s so simple to do and it works!  Be on the lookout and Catch Them Doing Good!  I promise it puts a smile on your face!