Complete Endurance Living

Ok where do I start?  First off let me explain a bit about the “Complete Endurance Living” program that I’m currently developing.  It came about from my passion as an Endurance Athlete, Exercise Scientist and Curious Student of all things physical!  Seriously, what’s driving me through this “Endurance Journey” is being able to better understand what’s happening to me, so to be able to teach it to others!  You see, “Complete Endurance Living” is about having the energy and zest for living, that we all crave.  I’m discovering that there is a secret to this and what I’m learning is that it doesn’t have to be complicated!  Like most things if we could just have a little help to cut through some of the “Stuff,” life might be a more enjoyable and exciting ride! 

As a quick summary, this all began for me only recently, back in 2013 at an ultra-trail run that I jumped into.  It happened to be a 75k, which is about 47 miles, night run in the McDowell Mountains in Scottsdale, Arizona.  For me it was life changing.  Let me better explain.  I’ve been competing for 40 years in some type of athletic challenge, so the idea that this would humble me was not even a thought.  I was wrong!  For the first time in my competitive life, it allowed me to experience the limits of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual world!  How’s that for a start!  From then on it’s been about learning all I can in order to enhance the experience.  I’ve done this by surrounding myself with individuals with the knowledge I want and have done what I desire!  I’ve learned it doesn’t have to be about the pain.  If we do things right, like in our lives, we can and do experience great joy. 

So what I want to do in a series of blogs is explain how one can learn to capture this joy in their own lives, whether through some physical experience, which for many, might be about having the energy to experience joy in their daily lives.  Especially for those over 40.  For me, like many, this starts with something physical.  Why?  Because it’s the easiest place to start and because it is the simplest way to change the state we are currently in.  The problem for most is how to start, because for many the belief is that getting physical is about pain!  This approach is being proven to be false, as long term results of burn out are starting to pile up.  I have been blessed to have wonderful teachers in my short journey such as Dr. Phil Maffetone, Ultra Endurance Legend, Stu Mittleman, Coach Tony Robbins and Author Christopher McDougall, and Grand Canyon Guru, Benedict Dugger, who have all opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities that are available to us if we just are willing to change some of our rules as to what makes us happy and how we can get there!

The bottom line is that if you’re someone who is looking for the energy and encouragement to elevate your life, by making the necessary changes, then stay tuned for more about how the “Complete Endurance Living” program might be for you!

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