Hands Of Hope Coaching and Speaking in Arizona. “We've Only Just Begun!”

Total Recovery Arizona and hands of Hope Coaching and Speaking are about helping you achieve your best.

I’m a teacher and a coach!  That’s where my story began 35 years ago.   Three years ago, as I began my Coaching and Speaking journey, it once again is about teaching and coaching.  Total Recovery Arizona was created to cover three areas, first, injury recovery, second, life coaching and third, speaking.  As I’ve grown over the last year, I’ve recently developed Hands Of Hope Coaching and Speaking, where I specialize in coaching and speaking in all areas of exercise and wellness. 

This crazy journey took its first crazy turn as a frustrated football coach 30 years ago, who was looking for the next challenge.  That became earning a Masters in Science Degree from ASU in Exercise and Wellness.  That led to the second crazy turn, leaving teaching to focus on developing exercise therapy programs for physically challenged individuals.  From there I developed two very successful neuro rehabilitation clinics in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area, focusing on spinal cord and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation.   But deep down my passion has always been helping individuals and families overcome challenges.  So as my clinic ran into financial difficulty, finally closing in 2012, my Coaching and Speaking journey began!  My confidence with helping individuals overcome physical challenges has always been my sweet spot, even guaranteeing that you will get stronger and feel better if you work with Hands Of Hope Coaching on your physical goals!  But the real challenge and the excitement for me was now helping individuals overcome not only physical challenges from injury recovery to weight loss, but more importantly the mental and emotional challenges that truly keep you from creating fulfillment in your life. Helping individuals achieve results is what drives me each day.  It provides the Energy that helps me to become the difference for you!   As I continue to grow as a Coach and Speaker I find that the next level for me, as I receive so much joy from it, is speaking and teaching large groups, from young adults to the very old in our communities on all aspects of exercise and wellness.  This next part of my journey has created an amazing enthusiasm in me; I can hardly sleep at night!  I hope to make you part of my journey!

Currently all my information is located at www.totalrecoveryarizona.com as well as on Facebook at www.facebook.com/arnie.fonseca.jr   I am incredibly excited to continue to learn and share with individuals my passion for exercise and wellness.  I look forward to speaking and presenting to more groups as our society yearns for knowledge about exercise and wellness.  There is such a desire to find answers to problems.  People just want someone to show them the way.  I’ve learned that it’s not about telling people what to do, it’s about showing them, doing it together and truly caring about their needs and desires.  That’s what Arnie Fonseca, Jr and Hands Of Hope Coaching and Speaking are all about.