How Do You Look at Life?

What is Your Big Question?

First off let me be clear about that question.  I want to know how you look at life.  What kind of lenses are you using?  We’ve all heard the phrase, “Looking at life through rose colored glasses!”  That’s what I want to know.  How do you look at life?

Have you noticed that a lot of people have developed so many rules in their life that it’s almost impossible for them to be happy?!  I have realized after all these years that if I can strip away all that is unnecessary from almost any situation, I find it much easier to find joy almost anywhere.  I’ve heard it said that each of us has a big question deep inside that we must answer before giving ourselves to most situations.  Take for instance the question, “Is this going to be fun?”  A legitimate question, but it’s based on a selfish motive.  Now let me be clear, I don’t want you to give your “Church” answer.  It’s not about what we want to hear, it’s about what’s in your heart.  I’ve got news for you; these things take time to develop.  People do evolve and change.  None of us is perfect, although many think that others are.  But we all have faults and weaknesses.  The glasses we are looking through many times are not giving us a chance for growth and contribution to be experienced.  Taking the above question about “having fun,” although I believe that having fun is a big part of life, I know that when we can contribute to others and learn from our experiences, it just makes life better!

So what if we could ask questions like,
“What will I learn from this?”
“Who can I help by doing this?”
“How will this make me better?”

“I’m in this situation for a reason, what could it mean?”

So my challenge to you is take time to ask yourself a question that will make whatever situation you’re in better, and along the way there’s a great chance you’ll be better.  Better yet keep a journal and watch how your life changes!