My Best Friend


I’m sitting here on Father’s Day 2014 and doing a lot of reflecting.  A thought came to me after listening to a wonderful song by a young singer, Abby Anderson.  First was that of sadness because I didn’t have a Dad who was my Best Friend.  Although I didn’t know for sure, when hanging out with my friends, but when I saw other Dads of my friends they seemed to be their best friend.  Over the years as I became older and had my own family, I tried as best I could to not be their friend, but someone who they could build a lasting relationship with as they grew older.  Someone they could trust and share their emotions with; someone who loved them unconditionally.  I didn’t want to be their friend.  I wanted to be their best friend!  Although I believe that God is truly my best friend and would love for my kids to have that belief.  I know that they would have to develop that relationship themselves, although I could help!  I know that I can only give what I have.  I can’t expect others to have or give love if I only had hate.  This drove me to begin to live a life that not only I could be proud of but so would others, especially my kids.  A life that in the end God could put his hand on my shoulder and say, “Arnie, Job well done!”


As I’m writing this I’ve got so many emotions racing through my head.  One of the many thoughts that I’m reminded of is of all my friends who have lost their Dad and all the great stories they had to share.  How at first it made me feel jealous, but later I thought how great it would be to put these wonderful stories about Dad in a book.   From this I began to think of the few times in my life that my Dad really was my best friend.  So instead of only remembering Dad for all the negative things I began to focus on the few times where his love really made a difference.  Even today when I talk about my Dad, I acknowledge not having a great relationship but how a couple times made a big difference in my life.  It always makes me smile thinking about it.  I’m smiling as I write this!    So when feeling a bit low about my Dad, I’ve learned to bring up those times so that I can smile a little inside and out.  Over the years I have learned to love to share my stories of Dad, although few, but they were huge at the time.  Plus it has helped me to heal as they also do a good job of blocking out the other stuff.


So today or any day when thinking about Dad, or sitting around telling stories, even bragging a bit how you were Daddy’s best friend.  Don’t hold back, because those of us that don’t have a lot of memories or stories can use yours for inspiration or just to smile a little.   We can all change or choose to be that kind of person or Dad for our kids and grandkids.  It’s never too late to be someone’s best friend!  You never know it might change someone’s life or get them to believe that they too can make a difference in someone.  Lastly just like the song from Abby Anderson did for me today, maybe just be blessed and let your stories of your Dad just wash over you today and please share these stories with others as often as you can.  We appreciate them.  I love all of you!