Our Great Grand Canyon Rim To Rim To Rim Adventure

Grand Canyon Rim To Rim To Rim Adventure

Our Adventure Begins.

I left at 10am on Friday October 24th.  After a couple errands I was on the road at 1030am.  I reached the first stop, Flagstaff at 12:15pm.  I met up with Nichole and Felix.  We had a quick lunch and after a couple stops we were off to the Grand Canyon.  We drove separately, as they came from Albuquerque, NM and I came from Phoenix.  We arrived at the Grand Canyon at 3:15pm.  Went to visit the Bright Angle Trail Head.  It was truly ah inspiring!  I was getting very excited, feeling like I use to before a big game.  I know I was ready!  I was very confidant.  I also know I was with the perfect team for my nature.  Felix and Nichole provided me the perfect mix for success!

Meeting The Group

At 430Pm after checking into our room we headed to the food court to meet up with some of the other runners who would be on their own adventure.  We finally got to meet Benedict Dugger.  He had the most amazing smile on his face.  Looking over what he had created.  There were 15-20 people sitting around telling stories, sharing advice as they planned their own adventure.  Very cool!

Turning In

I’m actually writing this about 6:45pm.  After a protein shake it’s time to shut it down.  Nichole is first to bed.  I almost feel I could stay up, but know I must get some need rest.  I will up at 1am!  We also have decided to drive to the trail head in the morning.  I’m good with that.  This would later prove to be a great move!

Game On

Very restless sleep.  Up at 1am.  I have lots of energy.  I am very excited.  I have plenty of time to eat, warm-up and stretch.  I’m able to go through my normal routine with time to spare.  Then  drove to Bright Angle Trailhead.  We got lucky as we got a close parking spot, which left us a very short walk to the start.  It’s windy but not too cold.  We were almost ready to start when Brian walked up with a sign to hold as he took our picture.  How little we knew how he would play a bigger part of our adventure today!


We left down the trail after a short prayer at 3:10am.  We started down Bright Angel with great energy.  I led the way with my super bright flashlight!  We ran into a group of young men whopping it up, drinking beer at one of the first two tunnels within the mile.  A little while later, probably 5 minutes, we were stopped by a runner who had found Felix’s sunglasses lying on the trail.  Lucky!  Then a couple minutes later my flashlight went out. No!!!  But I had an extra set of batteries.  Still can’t figure that one out.  Besides not charging them!  Down we went.  Then the lariat on my flashlight broke.  It holds it on my wrist.  This is getting crazy!  But I refused to let all this stuff mess with my head.  I was too excited!

Indian Gardens

We got to Indian Gardens about 430am.  A little behind schedule.  But no biggie.  It was around this time that Nichole had noticed that she had lost her Fit Bit.  She was not happy!  So I filled up my water bottle, added some alkaline drops to the water and we were off.  We had been running into a couple of the small streams, which were a bit of a challenge.  We certainly didn’t want to run with wet feet! 

Phantom Ranch

Our first big goal was about to happen as we crossed over the Colorado River suspension bridge.  For the last couple miles we could hear the roar of the river.  Crossing the bridge while it was pitch dark was really cool! I raced across the bridge feeling even more excited and energized! We saw the signs for Phantom Ranch, but having never being here before, we were a bit confused as to the right direction, as well as where the water and store were located.  Finally got it all figured out.  We topped off our water and were off again towards the North Rim.  Stay tuned. My Next post will take us up to the North Rim!