R2R2R Adventure is Three Days Away!


Three days to go.  My focus remains on keeping my team on target.  My team’s job is to keep me from over thinking!  For me this is the toughest part of the journey.  It’s what I call a necessary evil.  You see, the universe abhors a void.  What I Mean is that this lull in training before our R2R2R Adventure can easily be filled with crazy anxious thoughts!  I need to be better about leaning on my faith.  Keeping my mind flooded with loving and joyful thoughts and visions.  I know what I’ve done in my preparation and am confident in my ability as well as my team’s ability.  I am also aware of the magnitude of the event, but by mentally going over the adventure so many times has allowed a calmness to come over me.  By speaking to others and visually describing the run has also helped.  But it’s my faith that tells me that there is nothing else to do.  Rest is truly best, mentally and physically.  But as I said, I love talking with others about this adventure.  The look on their faces and childlike curiosity is really special!

Stay tuned!