Strength Conditioning Summary for R3 Adventure

As of the posting of this blog post I have five days to go.  Although I wrote this with Ten days to go.  I looked at the weather report for the Grand Canyon, looks great!  High is projected to be about 60 and lows in the mid 30’s.  Getting excited.  Today I want to give a little more details of what I have done and am currently doing as far as training.  The main reason is for those who don’t have a big background in endurance training, with some planning and smart training and of course hard work you can do this! My son-n-law Felix Ortega who is my teammate on this journey less than 5 years ago would have thought this Grand Canyon thing was nuts!  Tody he is a two-time ironman along with having a couple 50k’s on touch courses under his belt.  So if it’s your dream you can do it.

Training Details
My training as I said involved 3-4 days per week of strength training, 60-90 minutes, or doing special exercises along with 3-4 days of Trail running.  This schedule was dependent on my race schedule this past year, which included a 75k, 4 50k’s, one which ended up being a 30k because of the weather.  Being an old power lifter/strength athlete my strength work involved a lot of basic exercises which I changed up quite a bit.  This included:
Many different types of Squats. Box Squats.  Perfect Squat.  Lunges.

Core work was a focus with plenty of low back and abdominal movements.

My upper back was challenged with various Rowing movements with Barbells and Dumbbells, as well as doing lots of Chinups.

A couple different pressing movements to maintain upper body strength.  Bench Press.  Incline Press. Overhead press.

I also developed some special exercises, with the help of Dr. John Ball, to help solve physical problems I would encounter during my various races.  I will cover these later.

Tires and Sleds.  As I mentioned in the previous post, these have been my secret weapon.  I have developed various movements using different size tires and various weight added to sleds.  They have helped me overcome the challenges of the various courses all leading up to R3.  I will cover these in another post as well . 

So, all of the above were weaved into my training during the week.  The true measure of their effectiveness will be in 10 days!  As I write this I have just completed 45 minutes of pulling a mid range weight tire, feeling good!

Up next Tire and Sled Pulling details.