First I’d like to give a little background on what my strength philosophy is and why.  I strongly believe that in the area of Endurance that any type of strength training must and I mean must accomplish four areas.

1.  Improve your Health
2.  Prevent Injuries
3.  Help you Recover from an Injury or Intense Training
4.  Improve Your Performance

For me, gone are the days of sacrificing my Health for the sake of performance.  I believe like almost every aspect of training; your strength training is individual.  You might ask, Arnie how did you come up with that!  Well, I’ve been lifting weights for 46 years and have seen, heard, done and studied almost every type of strength training.  And I know there is more to learn!  I actually learned some great stuff reading Chris Mcdougall; “Natural Born Heroes.”  A great read!  So this is not about me, it’s about what works best for you!  I have been blessed in my life to have met some of the amazing people in the area of strength and fitness.  It is why I have studied it for over 40 years.  My Thesis work at Arizona State University in the 1980’s was on strength training for older adults.  This was at a time when the so called experts didn’t fully believe it was possible to gain muscular strength as we age.  Which has since been totally debunked!  So, I am passionate about strength and how it can improve my health, fitness and performance.  Which for some might be to remain independent.  Regardless, I encourage everyone to be curious about the strength aspect of their training.  I believe it is one thing we must all do weekly until the day we die!  Like everything else, put on your detective hat, discover what works best for you.  Remember if like me it meets my four areas of measurement, you will be on your way to becoming your own expert and Developing Strength will be another course in your personal PhD program!