Team Work Makes The Dream Work!


As of writing this post I have about 48 hours until our Grand Canyon Rim to Rim To Rim adventure begins.  I have a special mixture of nervous energy and excitement brewing inside of me.  Having run the distance, 46-50 miles, and  at night before has helped ease my concerns, having trained with lots of steep climbs and down hills has helped. Having done all my strength and conditioning work along with the mental preparation has helped alot.  Putting together my nutrition plan and water strategy has helped.  But with all that the biggest thing is not having done it!!  That’s where my excitement is bubbling inside ready to, “Just Do It!”

I just know how thankful I am to all those around me who have made this possible.  First I need to give glory to God for putting the dream in my heart and keeping my body healthy and strong.  Next, for my beautiful wife Cari for putting up with my training and early morning workouts.  Actually she’ll be doing a half marathon in Los Angeles with Team Brandon this Sunday!  A big hug goes to my daughter Macaila, for helping keep my head straight.  For my daughter Angie, for always being there with her support.  My granddaughter Taylor, for helping watch Shadow.  Julie for always being there and bringing food from Chompies. Huge thanks for two-time Ironman, Felix Ortega for helping make this dream a goal and a reality.  For Nichole Ortega who I’m so very proud of for training so hard for this and for always being fun to be around!  I also must mention Benedict Dugger for his Facebook page which has been so inspirational.  Lastly for John “Pap” Kanter, for all his wonderful coaching and everyone at The Dungeon for all the support and encouragement.  This has truly been a team effort.  I know that when things start to get a little crazy out there, I will gain strength from God and from all of you who are taking this journey in spirit with us.  You may not realize it but you’ll be my secret energy source.  Like pressing the nitrous button in car racing!

Most of all I want all to know that it is possible to achieve great things in your life, at any age, or any situation.  Don’t make the mistake of waiting until everything is just right.  That may never come.  Do it now!  Start checking things off your “Bucket List.” Now!  Remember memories are the most valuable resources you’ll ever have.  Make more of them!

Be Blessed