The Journey Towards My First 100-Miler Begins!

This is my first official blog about running my first 100-mile race.  Although I have been doing ultra-trail races since September of 2013.  None has been longer than the 100K, about 62 miles, which I completed with my daughter, Nichole Ortega, in February of 2016 at the Black Canyon Ultras.  So let me start by saying I am doing the Javelina Jundred on October 29-30 of 2106.  Excuse the spelling of Jundred.  It’s how Aravaipa spells it for this particular race.  Probably should look into that.  Well long story short, I really never thought I would attempt a Trail 100 miler.  But something s

Complete Endurance Living

Ok where do I start?  First off let me explain a bit about the “Complete Endurance Living” program that I’m currently developing.  It came about from my passion as an Endurance Athlete, Exercise Scientist and Curious Student of all things physical!  Seriously, what’s driving me through this “Endurance Journey” is being able to better understand what’s happening to me, so to be able to teach it to others!  You see, “Complete Endurance Living” is about having the energy and zest for living, that we all crave.  I’m discovering that there is a secret to this and what I’m learning is that it doe

7 Questions You should Ask Any Life Coach Before Becoming A Client.

Life Coaching is about great relationships, results and achieving what you desire most in life.

You obviously want the best results possible from the Coach you choose, so it’s critical that you ask 7 questions of any Life Coach before becoming a client.  Arnie Fonseca, Jr has set up Hands of Hope Coaching so that the highest standards are set and kept! Arnie believes that that all individuals have a desire to achieve something great in their lives and just may need someone to believe in them and  guide them in a loving supportive way!


1.  What will we do next, after I achieve my goal?