Become Your Own Mirror

I was out for a long run recently and as usual many thoughts were racing through my mind.  This is my time to spend in reflection.  I was reflecting how years ago when I had owned a rehabilitatin facility and had many clients who were struggling with very serious physical issues.  I would think to myself, If they could speak to their younger yourself, what would they say?  Have your ever wondered yourself, depending of course on your age, what a 90 year old you would say to you today?


Can I ask you a question, “How do you define Love?  As a basic need I know we all crave Love, in some form.  I believe that when Love is given unconditionally, it has amazing power!  Love given with expectations can be very unfulfilling.  If you are blessed enough to be around people you Love you must find a way to express your unconditional Love to them.  That means you giving Love without any expectatations.  Which for many can be very challenging.  Without a doubt, we all need Love.  But to truly attract meaningful Love into our lives, we must first Love ourselves unconditionally.

Be A Blessing

I believe we were made to “Be a Blessing” to others. Some may describe it as adding value to others.  I know that even if our basic fundamental needs, such as Love, Safety, Significance and Spontanaity are met, that to truly achieve fulfillment in  life we must continue to personally grow and contribute to others and to things beyond ourselves, or else why are we here?  I know that to truly have a happy, fulfilling life we must “Be A Blessing” to others as well as our community!