Trail Running

The Journey Towards My First 100-Miler Begins!

This is my first official blog about running my first 100-mile race.  Although I have been doing ultra-trail races since September of 2013.  None has been longer than the 100K, about 62 miles, which I completed with my daughter, Nichole Ortega, in February of 2016 at the Black Canyon Ultras.  So let me start by saying I am doing the Javelina Jundred on October 29-30 of 2106.  Excuse the spelling of Jundred.  It’s how Aravaipa spells it for this particular race.  Probably should look into that.  Well long story short, I really never thought I would attempt a Trail 100 miler.  But something s


The Grand Canyon Pushes Back!

Everyone is smiling as we finish our r2r2r adventure.

The Grand Canyon Pushes Back

I’m writing this last post with a little intrepidation.  I want to be accurate and at the same time encouraging.  I want runners, hikers and anyone intrigued by the majestic beauty of the Grand Canyon to have the same amazing experience that I did; which means I want you to be prepared!  Do your homework, talk, ask questions and if it’s for you, seek professional guidance. I promise, after only one trip for me, it will be worth it for you as well.  I can’t wait to get back!